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Indra Software Labs

Indra Software Labs is part of the Indra Group, established in July 2004. With the integration of companies Azertia and Soluciona in 2006, Indra has grown to become the leading company in solutions and services involving high technology content in Spain and one of the main European and Latin-American companies.

Indra Software Labs consists of several technology development centres, whose objective is the development of new products and innovative services specialized in different areas. Products developed by Indra Software Labs have their own commercial operability, and have the support and the experience of Indra Group. For Indra, innovation means evolution, changing the procedures of the company, transforming the internal processes. For that purpose, Indra has been establishing different technology development centres inside and outside Spain which constitute the Indra Software Labs company. Indra SL also started up de-localisation experiences of the production of software in a selected net of “off shore/near shore” centres.

Indra Software Labs works like a unique virtual centre providing services of software development in more than 25 countries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which is one of its best actives. A local “offshore/near shore” development model, the continuous bet for R&D and the compromise with the generation of high quality technology products conform to the current vision of Indra SL.

The technology development centres of Indra Software Labs located in Madrid, Badajoz, Malaga, Salamanca, Ciudad Real, Lérida, La Coruña, Bratislava, Ciudad de Panamá, Buenos Aires and Manila, are capable of producing global personalized services, developing customized and outsourcing solutions, as well as internal software developments. More than 1,500 professionals develop innovative products and specialized services for a variety of sectors.The collaboration with our technological partners and the internal quality requirements, given by the adoption of several ISO certificates, provides a guaranteed standard of excellence for projects carried out by Indra‟sdevelopment centres.

The social objective and the activity of Indra Software Labs are constituted by:

  • The design, development, production integration and management of systems, workstations, solutions and products based on the intensive use of information technologies (informatics, electronic and communications) as well as the presentation of any type of services related with the social object.
  • The presentation of professional services of business and technology consultancy and solutions.