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M31 Spa

M31 Spa, is a private company dedicated to the design and creation of new technology ventures and to technology transfer. It invests in new technology ventures, but it also counts on a team of highly skilled professionals to quickly develop innovative products and services. Founded in 2006, M31 counts, among the shareholders, entrepreneurs, scientists and managers. To date, it has launched three companies: Centervue Spa, AdapticaSrl and SI14 Spa raising a total investment of approximately 3 million Euros. Centervue develops ophthalmic diagnostic devices,Adaptica adaptive optics components and SI14 embedded electronic systems.

M31 has completed diverse technology transfer projects as well, two, in particular are worth mentioning:

  1. M31 has conceptualized and developed a framework for the abstraction of a sensor network for ambient intelligence. It has applied the abstraction to video surveillance with the partner Videotec Spa. The product, Albert, sold by Videotec, http://www.cctvalbert.com/index2_EN.html, has been nominated among the six finalists to the award for the best CCTV video surveillance product in 2009 at IFSEC in Birmingham. The project lead to the deposit of three patent applications.
  2. M31 is developing an innovative home automation system based on intuitive and innovative man/machine interfaces for elderly people and people with disabilities. The system is also characterized by an extremely usable design suite that allows for a rapid deployment of the systems and for an easy integration of third parties products and services.

Finally, M31 has developed a middleware sw layer for the creation, cross platform visualization and distribution of multimedia applications and it is applying it to the creation of new services in hospitality structures. The system can, in particular, ease the access to Internet to people who are not computer savv