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Linköping is Sweden's fifth largest city with approximately 142000 inhabitants.

Through its Community Care Services Committee and Elderly Care Services Committee, Linköping municipality has overall responsibility for all care services for the inhabitants of Linköping and offers a variety of care services especially for the elderly.

Those who are 75 years or older and in need of homecare services can approach any of the approved homecare service providers within the municipality or talk to a municipal pilot for the elderly or make contact with a senior or elderly care home provider located within their own homecare area. People over the age of 75 years have for instance the right to purchase cleaning, washing and shopping assistance up to a maximum of 6 hours per month before the matter needs to be approved.

Those who have not yet reached 75 can apply for homecare services through the Social Services. Having been awarded homecare services the individual is entitled to choose the service provider. Senior and elderly care homes have to provide minimum homecare services for those individuals who do not or cannot actively choose homecare services from a particular provider. The municipality has procured minimum homecare services for the senior and elderly homecare providers as well as the provision of lunch and leisure time activities.

These services are provided by municipally-owned as well as independent companies. These services procured by the municipality involve about 10% of all homecare services with the major part of homecare services involving personal care and accommodation services as well as Mini gym for assisted living accommodation that can be used by the care receivers on a daily bases. The Municipality offers also meals served at a home for those individuals suffering from dementia. Linköping Municipality is a unique test-bed for this consortium and offers the opportunity to test and validate innovative services and business models in its centers. In the area of ICT support for elderly, the municipality cooperates with Santa Anna IT Research Institute, which is an institute for Applied ICT with a special focus on healthcare applications and on e-services for the elderly. Through these test sites and associated centers for attention to elderly people, Santa Anna has long experience of carrying out field studies with elderly people and their care providers.

The elderly care service division at Linköping‟ Municipality has the responsibility to plan, negotiate, delivery and support private and public actors that produce and provide home care services etc. 11 000 inhabitants ( 4 800 over 65 years old) receive today support from the centers . In total exists today 60 different centre, 50% are private enterprises (i.e., Carena, Attendo , Care) and 50% are public organizations. All the centers are coordinated from the Municipality. Personnel such as, reg. nurses, assistant nurses, occupation therapist, dieticians, physicians, physiotherapists and hone health aides are part of the staff in all the centers, both public and private. In total has the Municipality invest 1.6 million Euros in community care services.