SeniorChannel Background

The vision in project SeniorChannel is based on the assumption that the quality of life for elderly people in our communities will be improved if advanced network technologies can be used to facilitate engagement and interaction amongst the elderly, both directly and indirectly. As people get older, their roles in life and the community change.

They retire from professional life and relinquish the responsibility that comes with parenthood, this can lead to disengagement as they feel their involvement in society is less valued compared to when they were younger and more active. SeniorChannel will provide a direct improvement to the quality of life for elderly people by offering a practical solution to addressing this issue by giving elderly people a means of engaging in, and contributing to, their communities while providing an indirect improvement to quality of life by raising the profile of elderly issues and concerns in society.

Moreoer, SeniorChannel will improve the quality of life of elderly people by providing a means by which the elderly can express their creative talents, share their experience, their hopes and aspirations for the benefit of society as a whole.