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Brainstorm Multimedia

Brainstorm Multimedia is a software development company with over 15 years‟ experience of 3D graphics and presentation within the broadcast television and multimedia industries.

Brainstorm was founded initially as a company to provide graphics services for broadcast television stations in Spain. Currently Brainstorm systems are being used all over the world in some of the most highly respected broadcast organisations. Brainstorm develops stand alone graphic packages that allow the creation of bespoke user interfaces including standard graphics effects like 3D text, animations effects and full interaction that enable the user to create a perfect 3D learning environment and advanced presentations for television or corporate events.

Brainstorm has also experience in digital cinema, adapting the graphic platform for film pre-visualization. Our technology has been used on set by such film makers as Steven Spielberg (Artificial Intelligence) or in I Robot allowing the director to see real actors interacting with a virtual background or virtual characters on the studio floor.

Brainstorm has many years of experience in integrating advanced VR and AR hardware with the 3D software above mentioned