The LaBRI is a research unit associated with the CNRS (UMR 5800), the University of Bordeaux 1, the IPB and the University of Bordeaux 2. Since 2002 it has been the partner of INRIA in the Research Unit "Futurs". It has significantly increased in staff numbers over recent years. In march 2011 it had a total of 310 members including 103 teaching/research staff (Bordeaux 1, 2 and 4 and IPB), 36 research staff (CNRS and INRIA), 22 administrative and technical (Bordeaux 1, IPB, CNRS and INRIA) and more than 146 doctoral students and post-docs. The LaBRI's missions are of three types: research (pure and applied), technology application and transfer and training.

Today the members of the laboratory are grouped in six teams, each one combining basic research, applied research and technology transfer :

  • Combinatorics and Algorithmics
  • Image and Sound
  • Languages, Systems and Networks
  • Formal Methods
  • Models and Algorithms for Bio-informatics and Data Visualisation
  • Supports and Algorithms for High Performance Numerical Applications