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University of Padova

The University of Padova (UNIPD), Department of General Psychology participates to the project through the Department of General Psychology (DPG) and more specifically through Human Technology Laboratories (HTLab), directed by Professor LucianoGamberini. Public and private institutes such as CIVR and CENSIS usually rank the Department and the Faculty of Psychology at the top national levels, and the University of Padua is ranked 1st since 2000.

The research activity of the group concerns mediated interaction in several situations and with different technologies, with methods centered on the analysis of action (discourse analysis, gesture analysis, User Interface Events) along with more classic psychological methods (Psychophysics, Cognitive methods). The same group is also involved in an intensive dissemination activity supporting and organizing the editorial and scientific work on: Psychnology Journal, Cyberpsychology and Behaviour, Cybertherapy& Rehabilitation and the IOS Press Series "Emerging Communication". HTLab is also a member of the CISC (Centre for Cognitive Science), of the ACM SIGCHI Italy (Special Interest Group on Human-Computer Interaction) and of the IACR (International Association for Cybertherapy and Rehabilitation).

The Laboratory has developed the analysis of hybrid situations generated by the use of technologies to mediate people‟s presence in their life place. HTLab have been involved in several European Funded Projects dealing with: virtual reality systems to support clinical practices (VEPSY UPDATED, 2001- 2003), or to trigger emotional responses (EMMA, 2002-2005); mixed reality to stimulate elderly people's cognitive activity (ELDERGAMES, 2006-2009); augmented mediated communication to enhance group activity in collaborative work and gaming (PASION, 2006-2009), ubiquitous persuasive technologies to encourage energy sustainable consumption behaviors (BeAware, 2008-2011), social networking tools to improve participation and safe behavior in European citizens (DC&D, 2008-2010). HTLab also has private contracts for usability research with companies such as Honda Motor Europe or FIAT Elasis research center and with public administration for the realization of serious games alerting young people on the consequences of risky behaviors. For the VEPSY UPDATED project, the whole team at UNIPD was conferred “The Honorable Mention Award” by the European Commission.