About SeniorChannel

The goal in project SeniorChannel is to integrate innovative technologies and high added value content in   order to provide elderly people with an opportunity to interact and share their knowledge, opinions and aspirations with the wider community and derive enjoyment from the experience.


Furthermore, SeniorChannel will give elderly care professionals an innovative approach to developing and managing the specific social needs of the elderly in the wider community.

To achieve this goal, SeniorChannel will develop an Interactive Internet Protocol Television Channel (SENIORCHANNEL) that will not only provide elderly people with a method of interacting but also with a unique means of access to the range of diverse activities in their community including the opportunity to share knowledge and experience, the ability to participate in topical debates, entertainment services, work-shops and discussion groups regardless of their geographical location.

The unique approach to be adopted by the SeniorChannel consortium is to develop and implement a low cost, easy-to-use, integrated TV studio and production centre that will enable community driven broadcasting. SeniorChannel will also provide new business opportunities through direct access to a growing segment in the market.